How To Get Rid Of A Hangover Fast And Easy

September 9, 20131 Comment

Are you drinking too much or too often? That is not the point. Perhaps you are going to a party and you suddenly decide to overdose yourself with the innumerable drinks that your friend is paying for. You prefer in doing injustice to your tummy without even pondering over the fact that you would have a nasty situation to foresee in the morning if you drink too much of gin, rummy or whiskey.

Nevertheless, you can get rid of a hangover fast and easy or can even prevent a hangover. Both terms go side in side because it is better to prevent something from happening rather than forcing yourself to face the consequences.


How To Get Rid Of A Hangover Fast And EasySo, before going to a party which you expect would get rough, it is better for you to drink lots and lots of water before
you actually persuade yourself to walk out of those doors. The water will help dilute the alcohol and you may even
escape the effects of a futile hangover after drinking. Also, you can have juices rich in Vitamin C or loads of water as
soon as you wake up in the morning dealing with a pathetic headache.


In order to prevent a hangover, you can also go for foods which are rich in fat or you can also drink water in
between your drinks. Secondly, you can also consider drinking some light drinks which do not go too hard on the
amount of liquor put in them. Go for vodka or gin other than whiskey, rum or Bacardi.


It is better if you go for ‘burnt’ toasts. As weird as this seems, it has been reported by the holy book of science that
the carbon in the burnt toasts may help to recuperate the sugar level of the blood. Low blood sugar will result in
fatigue, lethargy and headaches. In order to get rid of the headaches, you can also consider choosing a painkiller
(ibuprofen or acetaminophen) for that brain of yours.

Consider having large amounts of carbohydrates to boost the sugar level and proteins as well in order to maintain
the balance in the body. Drinking large amounts of water may also help the body to become hydrated as large
amounts of alcohol results in diuresis.


Try having soups which contain potassium or a few bananas to maintain the potassium level in your body. It is
necessary to obtain large amounts of the mineral for better and amenable functioning of the brain and hence, the
entire body itself.

this hangover is unbearable


If you are going through one of the worst hangovers of your life, then, tackle some therapies which would aid in
ultimate nourishment as well. You can boil a few pieces (10-12 approximately) of ginger and drink it with half a
lemon and a couple of spoons of honey for the taste in two glasses (four cups) of water. Make sure that you boil
only the ginger pieces. This remedy may help to shoot up your glucose level.


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