How to Get Rid of Gas in Stomach

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Intestinal gas can be very uncomfortable for anyone. It is majorly caused by the breakdown of food through digestion. It is not an illness but too much of it can be a symptom of some other problem. However, there are many simple ways to find relief. So read the following on how to get rid of gas.

First of all, change some of you habits. You need to limit consumption of foods that cause gas and bloating. You don’t need to stop eating these completely, but cut down on eating them too much.Processed foods have chemicals that are not easily digested. Potatoes, baked beans, kale,cauliflower, broccoli, bananas and peaches all result in gas. Also, drinking carbonated beverages and chewing gum can cause it. ¬†Side by side, avoid absorbing too much air by excess eating, alcohol consumption or by smoking should be lessened as much as possible.

In addition to taking care of food consumption, also try to chew food slowly and properly. This will help in better digestion of food. Also, drink more water during your meal as well as normally throughout the day.

In order to get rid of gas, peppermint tea helps soothe muscles in the digestive system. It contains menthol that soothes the churning stomach and relieve the gas. It has a healthy and soothing impact on your nerves, and as a result can relaxes the stomach that is really feeling the stress. Sometimes people use chamomile tea as a substitute as well. So dip a tea bag into a hot mug of water and let it stay for 10 minutes so you can get most out of the healing mixture. Drink a cup after dinner to help keep things moving slowly.

Another popular remedy for gas in your stomach is ginger. It relaxes the intestines and prevents formation of excess gas. It also helps expel any that was accumulated. So if you slice ginger root and add it in a hot mug of water adding a few drops of lemon and consume it before or after your meal, you will be free of gastric troubles.

How to Get Rid of Gas in Stomach

There are some more foods that can get you rid of gas. Eating pumpkin is also a recommendation by many. So are caraway seeds. Drinking lemon water every day keeps your system clean and working of the digestive system smooth.

Exercise goes hand in hand with the diet. If you feel gassy often, you need to get a little exercise. This is because exercising keeps your digestive tracts healthy and functional at a fast rate. Even a short ten minute jog or walk will speed up digestion after a meal and prevent gas. Last but not the least, charcoal activated pills can be helpful as well to treat the gas build up. Also, medication is available at pharmacies and doctors can be consulted for assistance if the home remedies are not working for you.

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