How To Get Rid Of Pigeons On Roof

December 19, 20130 Comments

Pigeon on your roof.. Some people may think “what’s the problem?” but you and I both know they can be a real problem! For example: Pigeon feces. These feces can make a building look very cheap, ugly and what not. Besides that, the feces can also damage the finish on buildings. Another thing you should be wary of is that the feces can contain harmful bacteria, so when you’re trying to get rid of the feces make sure to do it with caution.

In this article I’ll try to help you out. The following information will give you some methods to get rid of pigeons for good.

How To Get Rid Of Pigeons On Roof


Start using barriers to keep the pigeons away.

  • Buy some anti-roosting spike strips and attach them on your roof’s railing. Pigeons hate this, it makes the landing for them very uncomfortable.
  • Go to your local pest-control shop and get your hands on some sticky chemicals. Spray this at the places on your roof where the pigeons are and they’ll stay away.
  • Spice things up a bit! (Pepper, cinnamon, etc.) Pigeons don’t like spices, sprinkle some spices on the places where pigeons like to be and they’ll stay away.



Some tips that work!

  • Never ever feed them. Pigeons will return to the place where they can get food, I doubt that you’re doing this but maybe you have a neighbor that love’s to do this. Very accessible and open trash can also be a food source!
  • Owls or hawks, these predator type birds will keep the pigeons away for sure!
  • Ultrasonic devices. These devices can be bought and a variety of places and are a effective way of getting rid of pigeons. These devices make a ultrasonic sound which we can’t hear but the pigeons do.

I hope this article was exactly what you were searching for!

Thanks for reading.


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