How to Get Rid of Rats in The Attic Naturally

December 29, 20130 Comments

Your home is one of the many important properties that you and your family would want to keep safe. Not just from fires or burglars, but also from pest infestations. There are a variety of pests that can come into your property and eat it away. Rats, for example, are quite dangerous as it affects your home and your family’s health. These pests can be anywhere in your home. But if you have an attic, you’d better check it to know if it is where all these pesky creatures are hiding. Know how to get rid of rats in the attic naturally through these tips.

how to get rid of rats in the attic naturally

No Poisons or Baits

If you don’t want your attic to become a stink hole, do not get rid of rats using killer baits or poisons. Once the rodent ingests the poison, it will hunt for water and go scurrying around your house for it. The next thing you know after 3 days or so, your home is starting to smell like a dead rat and that is not good. Even if you find the rat, your home will still carry that stink for days or even weeks.

Use Rat Traps

The best way to get rid of rats from your attic is by using rat traps. There is a wide variety of  traps available in hardware stores. Some traps need food bait and act like cage that can be triggered from any movement inside in case it traps in a rat. This won’t kill the rat but you are sure to avoid it from getting killed instantly and keep the house from smelling bad.

Another type runs on batteries which zaps the trap with an electrical charge as it runs into it. It will emit a flashing light to inform you that it has killed a rat, so you can empty the trap. For multiple rat infestation, buying a live trap that can handle a large number of rats.

The rat runs inside the trap and is

moved into the other side by a revolving door. If you are into a

humane way of getting rid of pests in your house, this it your best option yet. Once the trap is full, you simply bring the rats to a wooded area that is far from your home then simply free the rodents.

Glue Boards

Rats in your attic can also be caught using glue boards. The rat runs onto the boards and gets stuck in the glue. This might not be a natural option of getting rid of rats, but it is an effective method.

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