How To Get Rid Of Termites Yourself

September 29, 20130 Comments

Are nagging thoughts coming to your mind about your house being attacked by termites? If your doubts are leaning to beliefs, you need to get in action as soon as possible.

When you find the first signs of the insect, you should think about how to get rid of termites immediately. These creatures can spread in a household so fast that you would not know where to begin from if it starts to get too late. Most people prefer using natural methods while others consult with professional companies to do the job. Salts, natural acids, sodas and toxins are some of the ways you can use to save your house from termites.

Prevention is Better than Care

When planning to treat the problem of termites, it is important

 to first understand how these creatures work. The common source from where these insects will make way to your house is by wood. Now that it is simply impossible to avoid having any wood in your house there are some methods you can use to kill termites. The best solution to this problem is preventing termites from infesting the wood present in your household.

Everyone loves to have a kitchen garden and it is possible that you have got one in your house too. With there being a garden, extra care is needed. You must make sure that all plant pots and trees are planted at a good distance from your main house so that getting rid of termites is not all that difficult. If you fail to do this, termites can easily get to your house through the plants placed close to your living area. Moreover it doesn’t really take time for a whole colony of termites to get into your house so take a step quickly.

Removing Termites

How To Get Rid Of Termites Yourself

The quickest way to remove termites from your house is to place a wood slab injected with toxins in your home’s periphery. There are various toxins available in the market which you can choose from. Remember that not all toxins work effectively which is why you should pick one which has a quick effect on termites. Once the slab is placed, it will act as a trap for termites thereby removing them from your house for ever.

However, here it is important to note that termites can occur in your house again. For this reason, taking preventive measures is essential. Now that you know that plants and trees can help the termites in entering your house, ensure that there are well distanced. Also, use citric acid substances to clean termite infested areas. This will keep termites from infecting the same spot again.

Other things you can do to help solve the problem includes fumigation, using orange oil and pesticides. Termites can turn out to be a total menace if not treated on time which is why keep a good watch on your house if you think it could be infected by a colony of termites. Use this simple guide on how to get rid of termites yourself and stay safe!

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